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Whilst Metal Man is a quick and efficient worker, he possesses a dry wit- having something of a reputation amongst his colleagues for being sarcastic and often untrustworthy. Directly relating to his skill with throwing his Blades, he enjoys playing with Flying Discs in his spare time, but dislikes it when dogs get in his way by catching them. When Dr. Light saw Metal Man for the first time, he remarked that he was "the dentist of the future".

Metal Man is infamous among players for being killed with one or two hits from his own weapon when battling him for the second time in Mega Man 2, which was added as a secret trick to make the game more captivating.[3] Also, a glitch in the Game Boy game Mega Man II can leave Metal Man stuck in the walls, making him harmless.


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Metal Man
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Metal Man (メタルマン Metaruman?) is a boss character from the original Mega Man series. He was the first Robot Master built by Dr. Wily, created specially for combat for his revenge against Mega Man. Wily based Metal Man's design on Cut Man. His Special Weapon is the Metal Blade, large and razor-sharp saw blades made of ceramic titanium that he can throw at high speed with deadly accuracy. His lightweight design also grants him high agility, but because of a design flaw, Metal Man is particularly vulnerable to Mega Man's Mega Buster and to his own Metal Blades.



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THENAMEISQUICKMAN Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Professional Artist
"Hey, Metal! I think I chipped a tooth on some kid's skull, can ya help?"
Razor--Sharp Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
blades: I'll let it slide this time, but please respond to my featured comment below for future rps. That way my page stays clean.


Metal rolled his eyes, unamused with the overused joke. "For Wily's sake, Quick... this thing can kill both of us, unlike a dentist."
THENAMEISQUICKMAN Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Professional Artist
(My bad, I wasn't looking properly.)

"I'm fully aware." He shrugged. "Just thought some things never got old. I mean, it probably got old for you, but I still find it hilarious!"

Then he started to picture how a dentist /could/ kill people.
Razor--Sharp Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
blades: You're fine, dude. I'm just glad there's another Robot Master account that's slightly active! ^^


He sighed, giving a scoff of amusement at how Quick found this overused joke still funny to this day. "Heh... 29 goddamn years, Quick... and you find it funny, huh? Now that's what I find hilarious, your dull sense of humor sometimes." He smirked under his mask, rolling his eyes playfully as he twirled a Metal Blade around his finger casually. 
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Dreadful-Reaper Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
"Heh heh heh... Do I seem a blue hero to you? Let me live, my friend. Been close friends with Death for way too long..." -He smirked.

"Don't mind me, I'm just doing my work..." -He stated, checking papers.

"Ah... Gear Clown Nº384? Is here, isn't it? Heh heh heh... Please, if you will... You have to leave with me..."


"Heh heh heh heh heh..."

(bones: Just imagined him being the robot equivalent of The Grim Reaper as part of his daily job XDXD)
Razor--Sharp Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
"Gear Clown? Watch your mouth, punk." Metal glared at the unknown other, crossing his arms. "Now who are you, did Wily's skull fetish drive him to the extent that he built a Skull companion bot?" Metal can be very salty sometimes, admin is sorry. xD
Dreadful-Reaper Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
"Heh heh heh... That old bastard may be unbearable, but has a good taste for decoration indeed..."

"Although... I was built by Dr. Cossack. Dr. Frankestein only favored my existence~"

Heh heh heh heh...

"I've heard about you, Metal Man... I'm Skull Man, the graveyard keeper robot... However... We're not so different... My sole purpose was to combat before the day of my reprogramming... Heh heh heh..." -He stated and laughted sofly, with that sinister laughting of his.

"Ah... That Gear Clown... I'm sorry, but it has stopped working, with no possibility of being repaired... I've to take it with me... It's part of my fuction."

"Don't worry... All the data will be saved in a memorial folder, its electronic brain will be propertly buried and all the rest of his body will be recycled by my brother Dust Man... It's hard, but you have to say goodbye to it... My sincerest condolences..."-He nodded, closing his eyes.

Dr. Frankestein: The nickname given to Wily by Skull Man.

(bones: Skull Man is the kind of robot who doesn't care about anything XD Something like this only would hurt him if is said by his beloved ones.)
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SheWolfLaLupaGVN-001 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016
Werewolf : Just in case you don't know about the canine based robot ::…


* a new challenger arrives, however seems like a rival then an enemy *

" Greetings here hacking type, the name's La Lupa. You're master found me lying around in an abandon hideout base where my old boss used to work. He repaired and worked on me till my circuit came back to normal. I'm not sure how our relationship is gonna turn out, since you don't care for dogs, which are chumps and I'm a mistress of wolves.(perhaps all canines) " 
h-eroboy Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
Rock blinked slowly. Naturally he could identify the sarcasm, but if he was gonna offer his IC to him then why not take him up on the offer? "Alright." The cocky humanoid displayed a smug look on his features as he walked right on over to Metal and placed a hand on his left arm to copy his power. "I mean, your power is pretty useful, right? So thanks for the offer." The blue-clad hero held a slight, playful smirk as he spoke. 
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